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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

It has been a while since I've checked in with everyone on this site. The last few months have been so busy, that we decided to take a break from all things Life Together, and just keep our heads on straight.

So what have we been up to these past few months?

As of last week, I am finished with my degree. Let me say that again - I am FINISHED with my degree!!!! I decided to go back to school about three years ago to finally get my Bachelor's Degree because I realized that I was not going to be able to move up in my career path without one. So for the past three years, I have been spending my nights and weekends either in class or doing homework. This last semester was the craziest of all since I packed in several extra credit hours so that I could just get finished. Thirteen credit hours including a huge Senior Project all while working full time at a busy and stressful job was a lot for me to handle. I give major props to all of you out there that are in school and work and have kids. I cannot even imagine how much more difficult this would have been if we had kids to raise as well. It feels like such an accomplishment for me to put this under my belt.

Ron has been busy as well with his practice - which is great. It seems like things are really thriving for him right now. But for him, that also means that by the end of the day he is pretty exhausted. He is also part of our church's worship team, so he will also spend most of his evenings and weekends practicing his songs.

Needless to say, our free time has been few and far between the last several months. Since I have been done with school now for almost two weeks, I don't quite know what to do with myself. It has been so long since I haven't constantly had assignments and so many things to do weighing me down. I have really taken the last couple of weeks to decompress and, to be totally honest, be really lazy!

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house again this year, and the obsessive-compulsive person inside of me wants everything to be perfect. We spent several weekends before Thanksgiving deep cleaning the house (it really needed it anyway), but to add that to our already busy schedule did not help. It's funny though - we spend so much time and effort preparing for Thanksgiving and then the actual event is over so quickly. And by the time everyone shows up I am already exhausted and getting stabby, so I don't enjoy the holiday as I should. We will have my family over for Christmas this year too, but I have decided to take it easy. My family will just have to deal with how things really are around here - dusty baseboards and blinds, walls that should be washed, carpets that need to be cleaned... I'm not going to kill myself cleaning again and be too exhausted to enjoy Christmas.

I am the type of person, though, who gets restless quickly so I am now looking for more interesting and productive ways to fill my free time (although watching endless hours of Homeland on Hulu seems productive to me at times!). Recently I've been teaching myself to embroider - which Ron gives me crap about, but that's okay. The first time he saw me working on it he asked if he could get me some hard tack candy! I am definitely an old lady at heart, and that is okay with me. I prefer to have something to keep my hands busy if I am watching TV or a movie. I have also thought about learning to play the piano (again). I took lessons when I was a kid and actually got pretty good at it, but like most things I did as a child (dance, gymnastics, baton, flute), I gave it up. I don't know if there is a lot I could do as a grown-up baton twirler, but it seems that playing the piano is a good skill to have! I learned embroidery through YouTube videos, so that will probably be my first stop to get back into the piano.

Another thing that both Ron and I have dived into is our diet. I think I will do a separate blog post on this altogether because there is so much to say. But since right after Thanksgiving we have been very focused on our diets. I have spent quite a bit of time researching recipes, trying new recipes, and looking for foods to fit this diet. It can be quite consuming (again - more in another post).

We will definitely be getting back into the swing of things with this site as well as with our YouTube videos now. We've got a long list of topics to discuss, and now that we've got our schedules back under control we can dedicate time to this project.

We appreciate all those who have followed this site, our YouTube channel, Facebook, etc. Please keep your eye out for new material coming soon!

- Heather

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